5 Reasons You Should Say “YES” to the “NO” List

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The “better-for-you” snack category is rapidly expanding as consumers reach for treats they consider to be “wholesome,” “nutritious,” and more “ecologically responsible.”

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Consumers are reading labels. To grab their attention, stock your shelves with products that have bold callouts on the packaging such as: Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, or Salt-Free.

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Americans still love their sweet treats, but their embrace of a healthier lifestyle crosses over into every sector of their food purchases, including snacks and candy. Sugar-free and reduced sugar items appeal to a wide audience, so be sure to merchandise these products with signage and other creative displays.

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More than mere buzzwords, the terms “Natural” and “Organic” can translate into brisk sales. Consumers are paying attention to their food labels and actively looking for callouts on packaging that promote the “less is more” mindset; fewer ingredients = good.

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With the “healthy” snack market expanding, and consumers viewing snacks as “mini” meals, the opportunity to reach customers with new and exciting products has never looked so good.

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