5 Sweet Stats about the Novelty Candy Market


  1. In 2016 the novelty candy market reached a whopping $678 million in sales1
  1. $3.92bn (yes, billion) in non-chocolate candy sales in the US Market for the first half of 20172 – that’s a growth of more than 4.5% from 2016
  1. 51% of non-chocolate candy sales are chewy candies – like gummies, licorice, and sours2
  1. 10% of non-chocolate candy sales are novelty products – That’s $392 million in annual sales2
  1. With the rise in popularity of emoji (over 5 billion emojis and stickers are exchanged daily)3 it’s no surprise that there is an official World Emoji Day – July 17.

If you’re wondering why that date in particular, take a look at the icon on your phone that represents a calendar – the default date is probably July 17.  Celebrate World Emoji Day with some of these products.

New and novel candies draw attention and grab those impulse sales. The best part of novelty offerings is that they’re easy to merchandise. Take advantage of the latest trends and spark some sales with a display of fresh, fun novelty items in your own shop.

Candy manufacturers continue to innovate and dream up original (and tasty) ideas to entice customers. Now more than ever, the expanding market of interactive candy experiences is helping to drive sales. As customers discover these items, they’re also sharing their experiences on social media, helping drive more interest.

Fun fact: A recent poll by Mars found that 52% of Millennials purchased a treat simply to share on social media.

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